Porcelain Effects Tub & Tile Resurfacing
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    Welcome, we are a family owned and operated home improvement business specializing in alternative bathroom remodeling.  Our business offers a solution to high cost remodeling by resurfacing existing fixtures instead of replacement.  We aim to save homeowners, investors, and contractors time and money.  Whether, it be to give an antique clawfoot tub a new life, change the color of out-dated 1950's pink and black tile to a modern Kohler Biscuit to match newly purchased fixtures, a hole repair to  a fiberglass jacuzzi,  to renew a worn, stained, and rusty bathtub to a sparkling high gloss finish, or to repair new and old bathtubs with chips and damage are just a few examples of our services.  We, Porcelain Effects Tub & Tile Resurfacing, take great pride in our  workmanship and our unique talent to restore fixtures to their natural beauty as well as our ability to modernize  bathroom surfaces and fixtures to the latest color trends.