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Jacuzzi Refinished from American Standard Dresden Blue to Kohler Coalbolt Blue
Fiberglass Soaking Tub with Ceramic Tile Refinished from American Standard Dresden Blue to American Standard White
Jacuzzi with Fiberglass Repair and Staining was Repaired and Refinished White
Mauve Jacuzzi with Damaged Ceramic Tile Platform Repaired and Refinished White
Chocolate Brown Garden Tub Color Changed and  Resurfaced to White
Steel Bathtub & Ceramic Tile Surround with Rust Stains and Mildew on Grout.  Repaired, Resealed, Recaulked and Resurfaced
Jade Jacuzzi and Accent Tile Color Changed to American Standard Linen
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Cast Iron Claw Foot Tub Stripped Down to Original Surface, Repaired, and Resurfaced China White
Out-Dated Pink Ceramic Tile Standing Shower Resurfaced White
Cultured Marble Double Sink Vanity  Resurfaced Kohler Almond to Match Bathtub and Toilet
Standard Bathtub with Rust Damage to Drain & Over Flow was Repaired and Resurfaced
Ceramic Tile Soap Dish Resurfaced
Harvest Gold Standard Bathtub and Ceramic Tile Surround was Resurfaced to Change Color  to  White
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